What is IAMLOVE?
IAMLOVE is a movement based in Amsterdam Consisting of:
A photography project // IAMLOVE the Brand // IAMLOVE Academy

Main goal of IAMLOVE is to spread a message of love. We take pictures, share peoples stories, sell clothing and  organise events.

IAMLOVE means accepting all there is.

We are all human and we are all beautiful just by being who we are. We all have our backpack filled with our past, our sadness, our anger, all our experiences we'd rather not see. We run away instead of facing it. Most of the times we project these hidden feelings on other people. The art of IAMLOVE is accepting that it is all part of you and it is okay. Come to terms with it, handle it and embrace it.You are completely okay and when you realize this you won't have to hide anymore, you won't have to project on someone else because you are love. Just have faith.


With IAMLOVE we want to send a message and create an awareness. By accepting who we are and loving ourselves we can love others. So when we love ourselves we create more light in this world. It’s all so simple and yet so difficult.

How did it start?

In February 2015 Founder Hester Baks was fed up with all the fear and anger she witnessed around her. Look at je suis Charly..that is not about love it's all about fear. Look at IS that is not about love it's all about fear, Look at discrimination based on race, sexuality or religion that’s not about love it's all about fear.

If you find peace within, you create peace without.

We are not alone in this world and we are all connected. So when running we bump into other people.. someone on the street, a group of people , a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone at work. And then… we project all our unsolved problems and feelings right onto the other just because it's easier or just because we simply don't know how to do otherwise.We all have the tendency to do this but just remember that no one can give you inner peace and acceptance except for you. If you find peace within, you create peace without.

Love starts with yourself.IAMLOVE
IAMLOVE Story photography was born

So she all realized this while standing in the shower. (she always gets the best ideas there)
And the idea was born. She wanted to photograph all kinds of people with IAMLOVE written on their hand. To start an awareness campaign, to inspire, let us love ourselves so we can love others.

All pictures are black and white and all pictures are intense.
Sometimes people ask me why do people not smile on the picture. Love is about smiling right? The answer is yes and no. Loving yourself is not that easy it’s an intense process. You have to go through a lot to get there. So she choose to photograph people by feeling the intensity of the message. Black and white pictures where people stand powerful with the text I am love on the palm of their hand. One by one uniquely beautiful. A picture can speak so much more than a thousand words.
It’s more easy to laugh about things than to really feel them.


Because there are more ways to spread a message, Hester Baks, started her own clothing label. High quality organic/fairtrade clothing with a message.  Sold through the webshop and resellers.


At IAMLOVE Academy we often organise events, workshops and more. Want to stay updated, follow us on Facebook or go to the webpage
Stay tuned.

IAMLOVE mantra

Love starts with yourself,
let us love ourselves so we can love others,
let’s spread love instead of fear,
together we can make this world a little better <3

Hester Baks

IAMLOVE was founded in Februari 2015 by Hester Baks. Hester is a Dutch Photographer, living with her girlfriend and Dog "Sunny" in Amsterdam. She loves icecream and traveling. With IAMLOVE she wants to spread a message of love. To make people aware that love starts with yourself.

Interview about IAMLOVE by Laerke Nissen

In 2015 Laerke Nissen from (www.videoessentie.nl ) sent me an email, that IAMLOVE inspired her and if she could do an interview with me. I said, helll yes! So we did.


  1. Hello you beautiful!!

    I came across your webpage and Instagram today, and I am very happy I did! I LOVE everything about what you are doing, I really want to get involved in this beautiful community! I live in the UK currently. Ah, I could write a long message of how wonderful I think this all is, but for now, just a short message to say hello and LOVE!

  2. Hello beautifull woman

    Thanks to Carlijn Sijs I came in contact on instagram with I am love.
    I just made an order for myself. I love it.
    This is my mission: to learn woman to love themself back, whatever size they have.
    Every woman is beautifull.

    Lots of love

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