IAMLOVE reseller store INFNTI is a fact

INFNTI official IAMLOVE reseller store

INFNTI// fashion//wellbeing//lifestyle
Haarlemmerdijk 169, Amsterdam
020 330 2890

  • Whooohhhooohhh!!! IAMLOVE reseller store INFNTI is a fact!
    INFNTI is an awesome fashion//wellbeing//lifestyle store in Amsterdam at the Haarlemmerdijk. Buy and try IAMLOVE wear at INFNTI
    ♥ Cause Love starts with yourself baby ♥

    INFNTI means no beginning and no end, the timeless nature of our minds. The symbol stands for luck and endless friendship. INFNTI symbolizes balance between the body and mind; feel good and look good. INFNTI is finding inspiration in fashion, yoga, meditation, and travel.

  • INFNTI is the ultimate realization of a dream of the lovely charming owner Jolanda Doolaard. She always dreamt to own a store on the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam that serves as a connection between yoga and fashion. A daily attempt to bring into harmony not only the mind and body, but also the aesthetics surrounding it.

    Labels sold by INFNTI are Wunderwear, Urban Goddess, Manduka, Mandala, Asquith, Komodo, Gsus, Mads Norgaard, Yoga Yeans and….pompompom… IAMLOVE! #whatelse

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