Thanx to all of you!!

I AM SO GRATEFUL <3 Thanx thanx thanx to all of you!!
For be so open to tell your story and let me photograph you, for helping, supporting, liking, following, wearing and loving IAMLOVE. This year was AWESOME AND AMAZING!!
A big thanks to my friends who help me with choices, push me when i say..oh maybe this all is stupid and meaningless, who let me take pictures of them in the beginning when it was all new and they didn’t know what would happen with the pictures and their text, who build a website for IAMLOVE, who help me translating the text, who do investments so i can buy IAMLOVE clothes, who walk around proud in IAMLOVE wear, who help me when i have a market, who are busy to register IAMLOVE as a trademark, who stick IAMLOVE stickers at think..ooops…hahaha!! Who have patience with me, because all i can talk about is IAMLOVE, Who cuddle me when i am tired because i do this all in my free time next to my normal job. Thanx to my manager at my normal job, for not firing me, because he thinks i invest more time in IAMLOVE than in my job at economic affairs Amsterdam. #sonottrue of course.
A big thanks to my parents who wear a t-shirt and say…wow america they said..that’s so true miss, what’s on your shirt. #cute My father who said, shall i stick a sticker on the Nachtwacht..then you have broadcast time at national television and me i think you don’t see me for a while..
My brother and sister who support it to by wearing and sharing IAMLOVE in the little villages they live <3
I started IAMLOVE in februari this year, after that IAMLOVE received messages worldwide and the community grew and grew. Several interviews followed Zij aan Zij Metro Holland . Happiness magazine published an article about IAMLOVE, a restaurant started to wear the shirts. I was asked as inspirational speaker to tell about IAMLOVE. And still now the IAMLOVE story pictures are broadcasted at one of the main squares of Amsterdam Rembrandtplein Thanx to blow up media, who likes IAMLOVE so much that they gave this broadcast time to IAMLOVE.
I started IAMLOVE to sent a message, to create awareness of something we already know. But we all forget so easy.
Love starts with yourself,
Let us love ourselves so we can love others,
Let’s spread love instead of fear,
Together we can make this world a little better ❤
With love,

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