Let's spread Love instead of fear

Hello Lovely you,
Let’s spread Love instead of fear,
To ourselves and thereby to others.
People are so scared of each other.
Yet what it comes down to is that we are scared of our own feelings, our own past, our own sadness. We keep running away from our true selves.
We are not alone in this world and we are all connected.
So when running we bump into other people..
someone on the street,
a group of people ,
a boyfriend/girlfriend or someone at work.
And then…
we project all our unsolved problems and feelings right onto the other just because it’s easier or just because we simply don’t know how to do otherwise.
We all have the tendency to do this,
but just remember that no one can give you inner peace and acceptance except for you.
If you find peace within,
you create peace without.
It all starts with you.

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