I am love..personally I hope that with this sentence my feelings towards my fellow man becomes clear. I am love and I give love. Why? Because I love people no matter in what box society places them.

Respect, appreciation and trust is love as well. What I give is free and doesn’t cost a thing, perhaps sometimes a listening ear or friendly gesture. Awhile ago we started a non-profit foundation called SID. It stands for ‘Stichting Indisch Document’ which in English means Foundation Indo-European Document. SID is a foundation that with pure and real love tries to pass on the Indo European (mix racial people) heritage to the descendants of the first generation Indo Europeans who set foot on Dutch soil after Indonesia was declared independent.

To feel love can only happen when you discover, feel and experience it. Just like the younger generations of Indo Europeans need to discover, feel and experience who they are in their hearts.
That is what SID likes to achieve so this is SID.. SID is LOVE –

IAMLOVE – Angelique

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