I am Annemiek, mother of 3 beautiful sons in the age from 7 to 12.
I live in the beautiful south of Holland with my husband and kids.
When you become a mother something changes in your life. You have so much more responsibility . I first noticed that when I didn’t go through red light anymore. I have to stay save because I have to care for my kids. But there is more.

I want my children to be happy and I want to help them to grow up to be happy adults.
When I see that one of my sons is insecure I know I have to be a good example to take those insecurities away.

In this stage of life my husband an me are their example. The way I stand in life reflects on my children. They will remember this for the rest of their lives and hopefully it will give them a good basis for their own lives.

If I don’t love myself how will they learn to love themselves.
Every day I try to remind my sons that is ok to be who you are and that you have to love yourself. From taking yourself down no one has ever won anything. I repeat this to myself as well. I am ok just the way I am. This does not mean you have to avoid challenges just to make it easier for yourself. In the basis you have to accept that things can only grow on a fertile and loving soil. If the basis is good the rest will follow.

IAMLOVE – Annemiek den Boer

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