Fascinated by the words ‘I AM LOVE’ and the beautiful stories of my predecessors, I figured I could just write something positive and loving as well. This proved to be more difficult than I initially realised. Especially when you’re not feeling quite well and you’re constantly being confronted with yourself at the moment. I have been ill for a while, but now I’m recovering and searching for a new direction in life. Can you call this a midlife crisis? Perhaps… who knows?

I AM. Who am I? What am I? The search seems endless and eternal.
Everyone keeps telling me to stay positive, that I should try yoga and mindfullness, that everyone has a skeleton in the closet, that I just have to be myself or that I have to stop complaining and that I am not the only one with problems. It keeps on coming.
I AM a good person filled with love. I laugh a lot and I have of a good dosis of self humor. I have a lot of willpower and eventhough I can mope sometimes, I am positive about life.
I believe that things in life happen for a reason. That often we have to deal with the consequences of our own choices. Things always will happen, whether I like it or not.
But all things that happened, made me who I am today. They are my identity. Even the bad things. We demand a lot from ourselves, but in reality nobody asks that from us. So instead of changing myself, I am that change. Just as, that I am love, or unreasonable, or a dodo sometimes or a control freak.
Who cares? Just be…. I AM! IAMLOVE by Dieuwer Henstra

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