GurSandesh Kaur Khalsa
portrayed for
IAMLOVE Story Photography

I grew up in a poor family. We were always trying to survive. My mother was a beautiful but humble woman.
she has always worked hard to support us. My father was a violent alcoholic, but also a sensitive and charming man.
My childhood was a time filled with pain and ,with 7 brothers to make the chaos complete, a shortage of everything.
As long as I can remember I was always looking for the reason of being.
When I was 6 years old I went to church all by myself. There HE was, Christ with his arms wide open. For me he resembled
acceptance and compassion which made the cross disappear. I was completely flabbergasted by the energy of Jesus.
I did not even understand the words but he was my childhood hero.
During my adolescence I frequently visited the cemetery and thought about how life is perishable.
Through these thoughts I got connected with my higher self and I begun to see things in a bigger perspective.
From the age of 9 I had out of body experiences. Sometimes it happened in the same place where other things happend
as well. These experiences made me realize that being is something that is continuous, it keeps on going even after death.
From a young age I knew that I was able to make anything of my life with all the opportunities within my reach. I worked very hard
to teach myself. I read a lot, wrote a lot, listened and reflected. It was a lonely road which made me believe that I needed
someone to make me complete. Because of this I traveled an illusionary road trying to find my consort.
I got married and got divorced, I invested and gave it up again. From the age of 25 to 30 I became a nun. After that I got married again.
I was always focused on filling the void in my soul. Always looking for more inspiration and meaning in the other and not in myself.
All this took a lot of my energy but with the love for my teachers and masters I kept my focus on my spiritual path.
However, a deep longing kept me pulling to the unkown.
I kept on turning inwards and I eventually created a place where unity is the main thing that makes life possible.
Not just for myself but also an actual place. Together with my ex husband I run a kundalini yoga institution here in Brazil.
Here we provide yoga, yoga therapy, teacher trainings and much more.
Everything here is about living in harmony from the heart with all that is.
To see yourself reflecting in every look, every smile, posture and the silence around us.
To be one with the unknown and the bigger picture. To feel your heart beating in the ritme of nature. Your heart beats fast
on a sunny day and it goes slow on a cloudy day.
Half of each lifes breath is love and the other half is…too! Wahey Guru!
Translation English: Ronald Bangma
Translation Brazil- Dutch: Vincent Spitters
Text: GurSandesh Kaur Khalsa
Photography: Hester Baks

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