IAMLOVE story pic by Labinot Lutolli

“Looking for true love” -this is the most oft-cited statement we hear. This is not a good idea at all, because love is not hidden. Love is not for sale, nor is it trying to avoid us or lure us by playing hard-to-get. Love is within our own hearts.
Love is the most natural thing in life, without which life would not be worth living, or it would not exists, if I may say.
There is no manufacturer that produces love. Loves comes from within our self. Our hearts are the main source of love.
I truly believe that if we open up and demonstrate what we feel, that is the overarching point towards happiness. Love is good for our heart’s health.
Everyone needs love, but not everyone shows it. Be kind to someone who needs it; be kind to someone whom you don’t know; be kind to someone who is wary of you – be kind to as many people as possible. You never know what your kindness may mean to the others. That is also love.
When I love, I feel I am the happiest man in the world. Let others feel the same without expecting anything from you.
This is my heartedly opinion on love. Love is a never-ending source, but it starts from thyself. Never look for love – but show and give love, instead.
IamLove by Labinot Lutolli, from Antwerp

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” Love starts with yourself,
let us love ourselves so we can love others,
let’s spread love instead of fear,
together we can make this world a little better.”
Text: Labinot Lutolli
Photography: Hester Baks
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