Namaste – the God in me greets the God in you.
That is what I stand for. By being love we can see the love in others.
Born out of love… Not just from two human beings, but from an entire family. My daughter Ivy is the biggest gift I’ve ever been graced to embrace.
On January 13th 2015 she saw the light of day surrounded by the strong women of my family.
Given by the husband of my cousin my deepest wish came true. My love – I am love – has never been as powerful and complete as right now.
Her birthname Ivy is compiled out of “I” and “La vie” (life) and so her name is “I am life’ – I am love.
Hoping she will carry and share her name with the love she was born from and that my family, loved ones and I may guide her on her path.

IAMLOVE – Laurien Vos

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