The amazing thing about the I am love project is that it remembers us who we are. When i saw this something within me instantly responded to support this project.
If we are love there is no difference in color and race. There is no violence anymore. We see love, we feel love, we expand and we are love..
Every cell in my body is vibrating with love, every muscle contracts with
love, strengthens with love, communicates with love, transforms and grows with love.

I don’t have to look outside of myself anymore to find it, i don’t have
to compare myself with others anymore because in the love towards
myself the higher self reveals it’s power.To be your authentic self in
every way you are.

I don’t need a gym any more, i don’t need a doctor, i don’t need any
more medicine.

We have the capability to cure and heal our self with love. Love is
the medicine for all diseases

Its always there waiting for you to see, to be remembered, to be felt
and to be transformed.

With I am love

A new earth is there, a new humanity will rise. The shift in
consciousness will be made. And its already there waiting for us, for
me and you to integrate.

What are you waiting for !!!
Remember who you are even though it may feel different from time to
time with pain and suffering. Do not turn your back towards it. When
you got knocked down, stand up and move forward. When you feel pain and suffering the changes start because it reminds you of the change that is coming for you. You touch upon something within you that asks to be
healed with love..You touched upon something within you that asks to
be embraced with love.

Your journey starts here, now, right now by looking at all the
pictures and reading all the one-liners and texts of every single
individual human being in this project .

It has already started because you are reading it at this very moment.
The presence of the source (God) is already in it.

The source of love always communicates with you. Do you think these are my words? Hell no, it sees you through other people, it feels you
and you are not alone in this quest of remembering.
We are all there to support you. Look at the pictures. We are alive,
we are real people from different cultures, from different
religions, of different genders, of various ages and of different colors. Love doesn’t care about differences

We are all real human beings and we are here to help you and remind
you that you are one of oneness.

The one speaking to us and telling :
I’m your father, i’m your mother, i’m your sister, i’m your brother,
i’m happy and i’m free, together you and me . Tell about me that I
really exist, tell them that I am Love.

We made a step. “Yes we can” as President Obama says.

Now we are taking it to a next level..

” YES WE ARE” as Mark says

The mantra of life :

I am the universe
IAMLOVE – Mark van de Leur

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