One night I was out with my friend for dinner when this random guy next to me started a conversation.
He lived in Amsterdam for almost 5 years now but this was his first time ever to speak to a Moroccan girl. That night we talked for hours.
Even though he was at the restaurant with his friends to celebrate a graduation, he still wanted nothing more than to continue our conversation.
We talked about everything from work, hobbies, religion, politics and more.
At the end him and I were so suprised that besides our differences we had so much in common. It was one of my best conversations ever.
We agreed to meet one year later again, same day same place. We both blocked the date in our phones.

But unfortunately, I lost all my appointments later including this one and I was not sure which day it was. Even though I never got a chance to meet him again, it made me realize how important it is to have random conversations with people you know nothing about. It creates understanding.

And I think in times like these we need that more than ever. It can be exhausted sometimes to have to explain everything over and over again, but still I think its better that people hear your side of the story than to have them filled it in for you.
It’s a small act, but go out there and meet new people, start random conversations and try to make new friendships with people different from you.
No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people.

Sometimes a small thing can change peoples live.

IAMLOVE by Nesrine

Text- Nesrine
Photography- Hester Baks

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