I’d been raised quite religiously yet when I grew older I kind of put aside religion.
It all was fine just the way it was until my life turned 360 degrees due to a life changing event.
In 2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was so grateful and happy.
And then two months after her birth she died.
The time that followed was filled with so much grieve and pain that I got depressed. In this period of time I met God again. Through believing in God I felt the strength again to move on with my life.
God lives in my heart. By believing in him I believe in myself. I climbed out of that depression, learned to trust and be grateful for everything I have.
To me God is a way to feel and share love. He is not a God who judges, but a God who loves everyone and everything and respects everyone….because He is love. This is the God living in my heart and He is the one guiding me on my path. His name is Jehova.

IAMLOVE by Vanny Sphia

Photography and Text: Hester Baks
Translations by Chantal van’t Hoff

Loving yourself is not always that easy, but that’s were it all starts

” Love starts with yourself,
let us love ourselves so we can love others,
let’s spread love instead of fear,
together we can make this world a little better.”

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