Since one month I’ve been living in the Netherlands but originally I’m from Vietnam. What I’ve noticed in the Netherlands is that a lot of people laugh and speak with each other on the streets even if they have never met before. In Vietnam we only have this with familiar people. I like it so much! In the Netherlands people seem to say ‘I love you’ sooner as well and especially in relationships.

In Vietnam this isn’t common at all! So a Vietnamese girl started a joke on Facebook. She came up with the idea to let women send a message to their husbands with the text ‘I love you’. She addressed everyone to participate and to post the reactions of their husbands.

Many women responded and what happend was remarkable. Almost all men reacted with lines like ‘ Have you gone crazy?’ ‘What do you want from me’ ‘Please get a grip’ ‘Did someone borrow your phone? I received such a weird message’.

The girl’s action on FB contained an important message of awareness. It’s wonderful to feel love but it’s essential and even more beautiful to express this to the ones we love. Love wants to be shared, that’s why i joined the project of

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