IAMLOVE broadcasted at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam

IAMLOVE broadcasted at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam.

(filmed by iphone and happy trembling hands)
IAMLOVE broadcasted on Double Digital screen Rembrantplein!!!
79 IAMLOVE portraits, 2 weeks, 24 hours 15 seconds per minute!!! From 15 october till 29 october.
Thanx blowUP media Thanx Serge, Thanx David, Thanx everyone!!
I never thought this would happen, when I started IAMLOVE in February this year.
Yesterday when it went live on Rembrandtplein I had to cry a little.
I am so grateful!!! Thanx!!!!

Love starts with yourself,
Let us love ourselves so we can love others,
Let’s spread love instead of fear,
Together we can make this world a little better,

with Love,

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