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Loving yourself is not always that easy, but that’s where it all starts ♥  LOVE starts with yourself ♥ Let’s spread LOVE instead of fear ♥ Let us love ourselves so we can love others ♥ Together we can make this world a little better ♥

What can you do?

When you make space for the love in you…and stop criticizing yourself..start accepting yourself.. with all your issues you don’t want to see… we all have them..really..
So when you simply start to embrace you, you start to embrace all of us..You start to embrace the world,
You start accepting others for who they are and you make space for love in the world, just by loving yourself.. IAMLOVE.

Your love is our love,
We reflect each other,
We are all connected,
together we are IAMLOVE.

IAMLOVE is an initiative of Hester Baks Photography. There are no sponsors, grants or partners, it’s all done in free time. To let the IAMLOVE project grow, IAMLOVE wear was started. By buying IAMLOVE wear you donate to the IAMLOVE project and help spreading the Love.

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