The Healer by Londrelle

A little poem by Londrelle – 
The Healer
You never really
learned to love yourself
and thats why you
feel worthless within
and for this exact
same reason you’re
willing to let that
person hurt you again.
Expecting love in all the
wrong places,so impatient
as the searching begins,
but you’ll never find
sunshine until you
open the curtains within.
You hurt and pretend,
time and time again,
but things really
haven’t been the same
and every heart break
leaves you even more
broken, hoping that
their feelings change.
How many tears have
to trickle down your
windowpane before
you realize that you
need to invest in you,
you do know that
sometimes the things
that hurt the worse
are what’s best to do.
Nobody likes to
swim alone but its
more difficult when
you have to take
breaths for two.
In the ocean of life
when your love boat
sinks only you can
rescue you.

You are the healer
but you can’t heal everybody
No you can’t heal

Why do you try
to force yourself
into situations that
you don’t need to,
failing to realize
that before you
pour yourself into
someone they must
first be a vessel to
hold and receive you.
And that’s what
seems to defeat you,
because you try to
be the healer in
ill situations that
you’re not meant
to treat through.

See through the blind
illusions of your own
mind games.

You have to
that people and
times change,
and you can’t
walk back into
the same hurtful
doors expecting
not to find pain.

Letting go is easy,
but we make it
seem challenging,
because we are
so caught up in
the memories,
and not focused
on the reality.

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Founder of IAMLOVE. Lives with her black lab Sunny and girlfriend Melissa in Amsterdam and is also a freelance photographer. Loves ice cream!

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